Coming Home

Lucy Care - Artist


My name is Lucy Care,and I am an artist, writer and historian.  I trained at Norwich School of Art and the University of Bristol and later at the University of East Anglia.  I have worked at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, and for the W.E.A with adult groups.  I have also worked in various schools and, more recently, on various community art projects in North Norfolk.   These include the 'Pastons' Country' project a collaboration between 20 artists and poets to make a new book based on the Paston letters, local 'treasure hunt' projects involving painting hippos and lobsters and currently, 'Dreams of Life and Death' a ceramics project working with schools and the local community to explore medieval wall paintings. I started work with oils and watercolours and now use both these and collage, film, print and clay.   In 2001 I took part in 'Artlights', an Arts council initiative illuminating Cromer in ten different light installations.

As an historian, I am deeply involved with the Paston Heritage society who seek to inform and explore the wonderful world of the Paston letters¦(

I am fascinated by the beauty and unexpectedness of the ordinary and use found objects deliberately for that reason in installations and in printmaking.  This love has been enhanced by a move from prints to ceramics in 2012.  In my ceramic work I owe a huge debt to Jo Arnold who has been a great mentor and with whom I exhibit at 'Open Studios' etc.  I am also inspired by the work of John Higgins and James Oughtibridge.  I have moved over the past four years into working mainly with ceramics and oil painting. I like to encourage interaction with my art and with the viewer so that from being a spectator it becomes possible to be part of the act of creation.   I look for that moment when "˜Suddenly everybody bursts out singing."  Because of this, I have always been involved in community arts projects and am still, usually with the Paston Heritage society.

I am a member of Anglian potters and 'caperac'.  I exhibited at Open studios for the last few years and previously at local galleries including the Grapevine in Norwich, The Garden Gallery in Cromer and The Red house gallery in Aylsham.  


Hope you enjoy looking around and please feel free to contact me through the contact page.  Visits to the studio are possible by arrangement only.